Crossfitting as a Student Athlete



Well, We did 12.2 yesterday and i’m pleased with my score, but not pleased at the same time. This will definitely be a WOD that i do again, in fact, tomorrow at 3:00 is when i’m doing it. the reason i’m pleased with the score is I got the 165 up 5 times. The reason i’m not happy with it is because I feel like I have a lot left in the tank. 10 min after the WOD I didn’t feel bad at all! I wasn’t tired, my shoulders weren’t sore, and i feel like I have 5-10 reps left in the tank. When i redo tomorrow I am shooting for 75 reps! That would put me in a good spot for the workout in the open and also help propel our team to the top 30. I realize that right now It would be a uphill struggle to make it to regional’s. But my team has a great chance to make it in these next couple of weeks and that excites me. Hopefully we can make the jump up and you will see me in Columbus in May!

Ill leave you with my favorite snatch Jokes of the week!

Its all fun and games till somebody’s snatch comes out


So what if i wanna hit a snatch 90 times in a row


Crossfit women have much better snatches than crossfit men




Fun day, Morning Running was cancelled because of thunderstorms. YAY ME!

Got a good lifting session in. The Outlaw Way is kicking my ass right now but its gonna make me a much better athlete.

12.2 was announced tonight and I LOVE IT! Finally something heavy! Looking at the scores for this workout i think my goal is around 70-80. Then I heard that EZ got 80 so i feel that’s my number to shoot for. It a lofty goal but I feel like i can make it! Pretty excited about my coach’s chances at cracking the top 20 in this workout as well! he is gonna beast it!

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes Split Jerk technique work.

Notes: Concentrate on footwork and driving the hips under the bar into a support position. DO NOT go heavy unless technique is flawless. Make sure footwork for EVERY lift is the same. Do not change landing position when the weight gets heavier.


5 rounds for time of:

11 Deadlifts @ 225/155#
11 Pushups (hand release)

Notes: This entire WOD should be performed using negative splits. The first round should be performed slower than the final round. Try to build pace throughout the entire piece from 85% on the first round up to full capacity on the final round.



Today was a fun day, went up to 195 in jerk, no where near my max, but my shoulder was giving me problems, probably from last weekend’s competition.


Got the Special Teams following Rudy’s programming at Outlaw Crossfit. Today was a fun day!


1) Back Squats: 1X5 @ 60%, 1×5 @ 65%, 1X5 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 75% – rest 2 to 3 minutes between sets.
2a) 4X5 STRICT Weighted Chest to Ring Pullups – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. (no rings did normal pullups)

Notes: These should be performed with a false grip, even if you do not normally use a false grip for Muscle-Ups. Also, try to pause for 2 counts when the ring makes contact with the chest. If you cannot perform these with weight just use BW. UB sets are not necessary. Use a band if necessary to complete all reps.

2b) Front Squats: 1X5 @ 60%, 1×5 @ 65%, 1X5 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 70% – rest 60 sec.


*The 3 AMRAPs should be performed as one continuous WOD.

4 minute AMRAP of:

1 Rope Climb 15′—————-Did Plate Grips
8 Hang Squat Snatch 115/75#

2 minute AMRAP of:

Row for Meters————–No rower, did OH walking lunge

6 minute AMRAP of:

6 Strict HSPU (Regionals standard)
12 KBS 32/24kg (vertical standard)————-did dumbell snatch


Hate that our facility doesnt have the equipment for me to do all of the programming but we do what we can



March of Dimes Throwdown Recap/Trip to Alabama

Well Its been a couple days but I’ve been super busy this weekend traveling and competing. Had a Great time hanging out with tons of my friends and also meeting new ones! So here goes my recap of my weekend.


Woke up and went to class, blah blah was basically ready to get out of Mckenzie so I left. Had my teammate Devan with me so it was a fun ride. Stopped by the gym before heading home had a good dinner and headed to downtown Franklin to show my friend around. He spent 14 dollars on ice cream at Sweet Cece’s!


Went to the gym in the morning to help judge people on 12.1 There were some great scores from the members at our gym. Kyle Daniel got 125 and led the gym and Our masters athlete Dennis Cheatham put up 115 which is Freaking awesome! Expect big things from him in the coming weeks.

Left for Alabama and was reppin some Christian Rap the whole way down. If you have never heard of it, go check out LET IT KNOCK .

Got to Alabama around 5, checked into our hotel, then we met up with some friends from Crossfit Tuscaloosa, Brute Fitness, and of course Opal Hammer( i know, sounds like a greek god which is awesome!) The most important thing about this dinner was I fell in love…….With my new favorite paleo meal. a hamburger patty, no bun, with 4 strips of bacon on top, with a mashed sweetpotatoe on top! This was the most delicious thing ive ever tasted and I am officially in love!

Then we went to see Act of Valor, a movie that Ive been Wanting to see ever since I saw the previews. Let me start off by saying this, the movie was not made for the acting, the movie was made to show what our military does. Upon saying that, If you have had someone in the military pass away recently then i would wait on seeing this movie. The movie was fine for me till the end. The end reminded me too much of my best friend Matt, who passed away in august while on active duty on the USS Boxer. I wont ruin the ending, but It was hard seeing something that I went through in losing a friend in a movie and trying not to put 2 and 2 together. I broke down thinking of all the memories that we had together and how good of a friend to me he was. Matt, I cannot thank you enough for your service to this country and all you did to keep us safe.


Saturday was the big day of the competition!

Arrived at the venue at 8:15 and checked in and started to see some people that I knew so I had some fun catching up with the people I havent seen in a while! Met up with Chuck from Hi-Temp Weights and got some new Ropes! I would highly recommend his weights and ropes, strongest i’ve ever seen and he takes care of every customer! You can find his company here. Hi Temp

Got the heats for the first workout which was the open workout 12.1. Looked like i was in the damn firebreather heat with Justin Key. Sucks for me. Click started 3.2.1. Go and that’s when the suck started. Was in pace for 105 through 5 min and then a wall hit me and said I wasn’t getting to the 105 i wanted. Oh well life goes on

WOD 2 went like this

3 Rounds for time

15 Hand Release Pushups

10 Stone Shoulders with 92#


Going into this WOD I was pissed! I didn’t get the score I wanted on the first workout. But that’s over and I moved on. Looking at this WOD I knew i had a great chance to win it. I though back to a blog post by Talayna Fortuento where she said she had “the taste of blood in her mouth when she got beat” and this is exactly how I felt. the fastest time in the first heat was 3:03 so i knew I had to go sub 3 min to win it. 3.2.1. go. I knew after the first round I had this one in the bag. Pushups didn’t get hard till last 5 of last set. Stones were all unbroken and fast. Final Time 2:57 and the overall winner of the WOD. Got to tell ya, it felt really good to finish first. But after about 30 seconds of it I saw an opportunity to be a good member of the crossfit community. a fellow competitor was really struggling and I could tell. Instead of taking in the victory I turned around and supported the kid for the last 5 min of the wod as he pushed through every pushup and every stone shoulder and when he was done, he had that look of exhaustion on his face but he was proud to finish. This is what i love about the Crossfit Community, no matter if we finish first or last we cheer on our fellow competitors. You dont see this in any other sport, Lebron doesnt cheer on Dwight Howard to make a free throw to win the game, Track athletes dont cheer each other on if they are running in different heats. It’s this level of sportsmanship that makes Crossfit the best sport on the earth!

So onto WOD 3. Going into Wod 3 i was in 3rd with 9 points. first had 5 and second had 8. So i knew I had to win, to get 2nd and win by a lot to get first.

WOD 3 Looked like this


Row 500 Meters

10 Push Press 115#

20 yard sprint

20 box jumps 20in

40 yard sprint

30 KBS #53

60 yard sprint

100 jump ropes

80 yard Sprint

50 Yards OH walking lunge with 25# plate


I loved this chipper, and you know why? because I can crush everything in this WOD. I went into it knowing this and when I saw the winning time of the first place guy at 7:20 I knew I could do it. He had been beated by 1 guy in the first heat so I had to win and have 2 others beat him.

Went out on the row at 1:45 pace and kept it there. Got to the push press, all unbroken. Got to the box jumps all unbroken. Got to the KBS all unbroken, Jumpropes, unbroken, then the lunge, and you guessed it, unbroken. I used the sprint as recovery more of just a jog.  Had my buddy Henry right next to me and he almost caught me on the lunges but i wasn’t gonna let him beat me, I wanted it way too bad. Looked at the clock, 6:32 and First place in the last WOD. Fell to the ground relieved but happy with my performance! Henry came and mobbed me and thats what friends are for!. My legs were burning so bad, but it felt amazing to win another WOD.

Gathered for the podium I and mapping out the numbers, I knew i had come in second by 1 point. 1 little point from my first win in a crossfit event! So close but I am happy with where I am at this point. Just gives me more motivation to work harder next time! Overall a very fun event


Question-What do u get when you get tons of fit as shit people that just competed together in a crossfit competition in one bar at one time?? Answer- A bad ass after party! Went to the place, had hamburgers and of course sweet potatoe fries! Met up with my buddy that is a Kill Cliff rep in Alabama and boy was it a fun time! Had some MANmosa’s (beer with Kill Cliff) hung out with Chuck from Hi-Temp and had a great time talking, yup you guessed it, crossfit. Met up with some new friends I met this weekend (you know who you are) and had maybe the best night I’ve had in a while. Went bar hopping to all Kill Cliff bars, then ended back up at the original bar to say bye to all my friends! Overall a great night to cap off a great weekend! I hope to see My new Friends soon at another competition.

The only bad things about competitions is they have to end. You have a great weekend at a competition with people that eat sleep train  and drink the koolaide the same way you do, then you have to go back to the real world! but there is always next time!

Pics and Video’s to come shortly!



Well today was the day that everybody was looking forward to. The day that feels like christmas to crossfitters. The day that starts to determine the run for the fittest man and woman on earth. The day they announce workout 12.1 of The Crossfit Games Open .

Here is how my day went in regards to The Crossfit Games

3:00 pm-Call Suzie asking if it felt like Christmas waiting to open presents to her? she said it didnt..oh well, im nuts like that (in her defense she was sick)

6:00 pm Start making predictions on Facebook. Looking at everyone’s status. Bet Derek Robinson that it’ll have cleans in it. I lost. i owe him a Kill Cliff

6:45 pm- start getting anxious. Countdown has started and patience is running thin

6:58 pm- Call Suzie and begin countdown

6:59 pm- make fun of Suzie’s Friend Amanda. She got owned!

7:00 pm -Refresh page- No workout

7:01 pm Refresh still- No workout

7:02 pm Refresh and u guessed it, no workout. Start getting mad at crossfit.

7:03 pm Refresh again, Mad still, Suzie begins to get frustrated too (told you she wanted to know)

7:05 pm Hear a rumor of 7 min Burpee AMRAP -PLEASE NO

7:07 pm Finally find the workout online and guess what it is!!!! Drumroll Please!!

7 min Burpee AMRAP.

#@**&%%@#$%#!#^Y%^&$#@$ (insert curse word here)

Burpees, oh burpees, where for art thou  burpees.

Okay, as much as I hate burpees ill be able to push through 7 min of them. thats not what I have a problem with. I just feel that HQ could have come up with something a little more difficult. i mean we only have 5 workouts so its not like there is a workout to waste in there! atleast throw in another skill along with it! But oh well, as Crossfitters we prepare for the unknowable. Hopefully there will be more skill work in later WOD’s to seperate the boys from the men.

Ill leave u with this



Today was the long day of the week as Tuesdays normally are. Getting kind of tired of the food choices here at school. Oh well, life of a college student.

Form Day in the Weightroom AKA THE SWEATBOX

First off its called the sweatbox for a reason, it looks like a box and its hott in there so you sweat. Hopefully improvements are on the way, If I can make it happen.

Normal warmup/stretching

Power/Squat Clean- Work up to heavy single

ME-135-185-205-215-225-245-255-265-275- 275

Then Establish 10 min at bottom of squat position

Not too much of a workout but needed a light day because we go for a double tomorrow with 6am running then lifting

Clean felt good, Couldnt get elbows up for 275- but im getting there, also wasnt getting full hip extension. Video to follow.

One of my athletes got 200 for the first time in his life, and he was a college football player for 5 years! What are these strength coaches working on if a kid never cleaned 200 in 5 years? it astounds me.

This following video is the most Bad Ass thing ive seen in a while from a youtube video so i had to share. No one wants to get 2nd

Oh the things to come!

I am starting a blog so I can write down what I do each day in crossfit, football, and life in general. This will be a way for the people to see how I am training, what I am up to, and also for my family to keep up with me when I am at college. This is a work in progress but hopefully you will like what you see.